Chin State, Bagan and Shan State. 14-Day, 14-Night Recon Tour

Chin State, Bagan and Shan State. 14-Day, 14-Night Recon Tour

March 3rd 2018 – March 17th 2018

$3900 per rider 
Equipment: Honda CRF250L

In 2018 we had a tour planned with a European adventure tour company that was all set to go for months...until this autumn. Everything fell thru when the violence erupted in Rakkhine State. People got upset and decided to show their disappointment with what was going on in the country by canceling their trip. The tour company couldn't fill the empty slots and decided to cancel the tour. Out of 8 clients, one decided to follow through with his plans anyway. What has happened in Rakkhine is terrible but we must engage the country and see for ourselves what is going on. The Myanmar people shouldn't be punished for the government's actions. So don't be scared off by all the negative press, talk to people who have recently been here and you'll find out it is a very safe place. If you want to read more about this please check out this article from the Telegraph.
Since this tour is in March, and almost will certainly be a smaller group, we've decide to do a reconnaissance trip up to Chin State for the first week. We have been to Chin State before but never all the way to the Indian border. We will also try to stay up in the mountains and travel from the North to the South of Chin State without dropping down to Gangaw. This area is very remote but the roads should be good enough in March that we'll make it in a couple days. After Chin State we will see the more traditional tourist sites of bagan and Inle where i can really mix up the terrain and road conditions to match the group. This is going to be an amazing tour that will make history in Myanmar. Contact Zach at or wechat +959444022182  for more information.

Day 1. March 3rd : Arrive and tour Mandalay 50-100km

We will arrange your pickup at the airport, bus station or train station and to take you to the hotel to meet your bikes and have a quick day tour of Mandalay and the surrounding area. Over dinner we will go over the trip ahead and general driving precautions in Myanmar.(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Kyi Hotel or Similar

Day 2. March 4th: Mandalay to Monywa 230 km+

After breakfast at your hotel we head out of the congested city and across the Ayeyarwaddy river to Sagaing Division. We'll travel back up the other side of the river to Mingun to see the unfinished pagodas and the world second largest bell.  We will then travel on some real sandy trails and backroads toward the massive Buddha statues at Laykyun Satkyar. After that it is a straight shot to Monywa on nice roads. In monywa we will be in a very nice hotel to relax and get ready for day 3(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Win Unity Hotel or Similar

Day 3. March 5th: Monywa to Kalay 230km+

Today we take the infamous Yagyi road to Kalay. this dusty winding road turn into an impassable mud-bath in the rainy season. In the dry season it is a more manageable dust-bath. The bull dust is so deep in parts that it becomes like slippery powder snow. Once we make it to Kalewa we ride on the India Myanmar Friendship Road  to Kalay.(B,L,D)

Accommodation:  Hotel Majesty or similar

Day 4. March 6th: Kalay to Rih Lake. 140km+

The heart shaped Rih Lake is our mission for the day. We will travel less than 150km for this day but the roads during the next few days are know for being some of the worst in Myanmar. We will go up the Chin Hills soon after leaving Kalay and have a stop at Kenndy Peak before lunch. We will plan to get to Rih lake with enough daylight to explore this remote border town in depth.(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Local Guesthouse

Day 5. March 7th: Rih Lake to Hakha. >220km

We will be up the the mountains all day on winding rocky roads. The temperature will be nice and cool but very sunny so make sure you wear sunscreen. This will be a long challenging ride to the capital of Chin State, Hakha.  B,L,D)

Accommodation: Local Guesthouse

Day 6 & 7. March 8-9th: Hakha to Mindat 250-450km

The next couple of days are in the air. We will certainly be in Mindat on the evening of day 7, but how we get there is open. The direct road to Mindat via Matupi isn't always open for foreign tour and isn't always in the best condition to ride on. Sometimes the road becomes impassable due to rain but in March we should be alright. It will have to depend on weather conditions at the time. If we don't take the direct route we will head down the Chin hills to Gangaw and then back up to Mindat on a more stable road.(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Local Guesthouses

Day 8. March 10th: Mindat to Bagan.

Chin Nose Flute Player
Mornings start early in Chin State So we will be up early and on the road shortly after. We have a great morning of offroading up the the to of Mount Victoria. These roads pass through some small villages where the local people live off the land and hunt for their food. we may run across hunters hiding in the bush or taking a small Chinese motorbike into the heart of the park. This area is also home to some amazing bird watching. After Victoria, we will descend the hills and ride on a mixture of sealed and dirt roads to Bagan (B,L,D)

Accommodation: Zfreeti or Similar

Day 9. March 11th: Rest Day
This will be our first and well deserved rest day of the trip. In the morning we will meet our local guide at the hotel to begin our tour of the ancient city of Bagan. We can either travel by motorcycle, van, horse cart, or e-bike depending on your preference. Our guide will escort us around the multitude of ancient temples for the day until we retire to our hotel. Dinner will be at any of the numerous restaurants near the hotel. (B,L,D)

Day 10. March 12th: Bagan to Kalaw 275+km

Today we ride on 99% sealed roads all the way to kalaw. We will make great time in the plains to Mt Popa for a quick hike up the monkey mountain to see the Nat shrines famous with local pilgrims. Then we will have the quickest 100km of the trip across the plains to the foot of the Shan Plateau. After a couple hours ascending the plateau we will be in the cool hill station of Kalaw.(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Nature Land Hotel or Similar

Day 11. March 13th: Kalaw to Inle Lake. 150+Km

The area between Kalaw and Inle lake is one of my favorites places to ride in Myanmar. There are a lot of little villages and a multitude of ethnic groups living peacefully on this fertile land. There are so many trails that there are a million possibilities for extending the ride. We could ride out there forever but we will get into Nyaungshwe sometime before sunset(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Grand NyaungShwe or Similar

Day 12. March 14th: Inle Lake Rest Day .
Rest day. After all the riding we have been doing we will take another break from the bikes and take a boat tour of the lake. We will spend the entire morning and much of the day traveling the lake to experience the unique culture and ways of the Intha people. After the tour you have the rest of the day to chill out and rest your ass until the next day's ride. nyaungshwe is a tourist town so there are so many options for dinner.

Day 13. March 15th: Inle to Ywangan. Roughly 200km

Another day of great road and offroading up in the Shan Plateau. We will have stops at the Pindaya caves, The mysterious Mya Tha-Bait Blue Lake and many coffe plantations. There are even supposed to be wild peacocks in the mountains around Ywangan so we'll have to be on the lookout. (B,L,D)

Accommodation: ShweGuGu or Similar

Day 14. March 16th: Ywangan to Mandalay <200km

Ywangan is becoming world famous for their coffee so we will have to visit a locally run processing facility for a hot cup of energy at the start of the day. We will quickly get down and out of Shan State and back into Mandalay Division on a road that is still under construction. We will have some dirt and crumbling roads over another set of mountains into a nice river valley. We will have a swim at some waterfalls before we get back to Mandalay. At night we'll have a final goodbye dinner at a local BBQ restaurant. (B,L,D)

Accommodation: Kyi Tin Hotel or Similar

Day 15.
You made it! we'll arrange your transport to the airport, bus station or wherever it is you need to go after the tour. If you want to ride more then let us know. We'll be happy to arrange something!

Minimum Group Size: 3 people
Maximum group size: 6 people

What's Included?

14 nights accommodation in twin shared rooms (We will use a wide range of hotels so please see each days description for hotel details. If a hotel we want to use is booked up then we will use a similar hotel.)
Gas, oil
Honda CRF250L
Support vehicle (day 2- 14)
Breakfast is usually at the hotel but will also be local food.
Lunches will almost always be local, simple and under 1 hour.
Dinners will be the big meal of the day at a nicer restaurant in each area.
Entrance fees /Camera Fees/ Zone Fees
Any mechanic charges to fix the motorcycle

Not Included
Air Tickets
Visa fees
Insurance. It is highly recommended you have travel insurance that cover motorcycle accidents.
Hotel room service or phone charges
Damage to the motorcycle caused by the user.
Other services not mentioned.