4 Ancient Capitals Around Mandalay Self Guided Motorcycle Tour

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The best way to visit all 4 of the ancient capitals around Myanmar in 1 day is by motorbike. I made this map to help people get an idea of the basic route to take to get to all these capitals in just 1 day. I have many people that rent my bikes just to do this tour but they usually skip out on Mingun because the think it is too far. Mingun is just 20km north of Sagaing on a peaceful single lane road that follows the Ayarwaddy so it doesn't take long to get there.
I arranged the trip so you visit Inwa(Ava), Sagaing, Mingun and then end with a sunset at U-Bein Bridge in Amarapura but you can arrange the order of the cities you visit in any way you like.
The route should be about 100km total, but that depends on how many side roads you take. To play it safe, figure 5 hours of driving time and then add time for meals and sightseeing.
Don't like to ride? I don't run a tour but you can find motorcycle taxis that will do this tour for you. Check around Royal Guesthouse and any other backpacker hotel. They don't need the map, just tell them where you want to go, and it should cost around 15,000-20,000 Kyat.
Happy Riding,
Zach B