Bikes For Sale

At Mandalay Motorbike Rental and Tours we receive many emails to buy our old bikes so we have started to offer our second hand bikes for sale. We sell our old stock to you at the same rate that we would get if we sold to any local motorbike agent ( yes, that's a profession here) in Mandalay. This means that you are getting a good bike, at the market rate, that you can sell off at the end of your trip for about the same price that you bought it for.  Foreigners are not legally allowed to own a bike under their name but we will give you the proper paperwork(under a trading company's name) that you will need to legally own your bike in Myanmar. It is important that you keep this paperwork in a safe place because if you lose it the value of the bike will drop significantly.

Currently we have the following motorbikes for sale:
2012 CRF250 $2500

Wuyang- Honda Doris 125 Semi Auto

Chinese Semi Auto $350

TVS MAX125 $600 

Bajaj Boxer 150 $750 
$600 (2 in stock)
Yamaha XTZ125 $1300. 4 in stock
WuYang Honda M-CUS 125 $900.