Mandalay Motorbike was started as a small rental operation run by a bored expat chicken farmer as a way to meet travelers and help them explore Myanmar on two wheels.

I offer motorcycle rentals, guided tours and tons of tips, routes, and even custom hand drawn maps to make the most out of your riding experience in Myanmar.

I rent new step-through style 125cc motorbikes, brand new fleet of 125cc Honda XR Enduros and Honda CRF250L. The bikes are in perfect working order and meticulously maintained by our mechanic.

If you are interested in a ride here in Myanmar please contact us for a reservation and look on here for recommendations. There are a few off limits areas that seem to be ever changing so please let us know what route you plan to take and we'll help plan your trip. Inle and Bagan are off limits for foreigners on motorbikes but we are able to arrange the permits if you wish to visit these places as part of a tour or on your own.

We have also got into the car business as well so if you are looking to rent a car while in Myanmar (driver included) then have a look at our Car/Truck Page.

We connect with customers via email and phone so please contact us at least a few days before you plan to rent so we can reserve a bike for you.

Zach 09-444022182

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

15-Day, 14-Night Myanmar Motorcycle Tour.


December 7th 2014 – December 21st 2014
$3700 XR125L or $3900 CRF250L

This is our longest tour of Myanmar covering over 2000km in 14 days of riding. This will be a motorcycle trip like no other in an unspoiled, genuine and isolated country that is just starting to open up to the rest of the world. We will go up into Shan villages, The hill station of Pyin Oo Lwin, Inle Lake, the pine forest city of Kalaw, the spiritual volcanic Mount Popa, the immense Mount Victoria in Chin State, Chin Villages, the incredible Bagan and back to the cultural heart of Myanmar, Mandalay. Our local guides in Mandalay, the Shan villages, Inle Lake, Chin State and Bagan will be there to enhance your experience by helping you better interact with the many ethic groups we will come across on our journey. We'll do this trip on the extremely reliable, comfortable and stealthy Honda XR125L which is perfectly suited for the terrain and distances we will be covering. If you want more power you can upgrade to the Honda CRF250L. We will also have a support truck for most of our trip to ensure we get to each destination on time. There will be a good mix of posh, rustic and mid range accommodation to give you a memorable experience without feeling too isolated from, or too immersed in, the local culture. This once in a lifetime trip, at this moment in history, will be an amazing experience we hope to share with you. Contact Zach at for more information.

Day 1. December 7th : Arrive and tour Mandalay 50-100km

We will arrange your pickup at the airport, bus station or train station and to take you to the hotel to meet your bikes and have a quick day tour of Mandalay and the surrounding area. Over dinner we will go over the trip ahead and general driving precautions in Myanmar.(B,L,D)

Accommodation: Royal Power Hotel.

Day 2. December 8th: Mandalay to Kyaukme 200km+

Friday, August 16, 2013

8-Day, 7-Night. Mandlay-Inle-Bagan Loop

Equipment: Honda XR125L or CRF250L
Minimum: 3 people, Max: 5 people
Please contact us for rates

Day 1: Arrive and tour Mandalay
We will arrange your pickup at the airport, bus station or train station and to take you to the hotel to meet your bikes and have a quick day tour of Mandalay and the surr
ounding area. Over dinner we will go over the trip ahead and general driving precautions in Myanmar. 

Day 2: Mandalay to Pindaya
After breakfast at your hotel we head out of the congested city and up into the hills of Shan state. We will only drive on a main road for the first hour and then we will ride on relatively desolate roads all the way to Pindaya. We will cross a river and mountain on an unfinished road before climbing back up onto the Shan plateau where we will stay above 1000 meters all the way to our destination. 

Day 3: Pindaya to Inle
Pindaya is famous for its Buddha filled cave so we will visit that in the morning before setting off toward NyaungShwe at Inle Lake. When we arrive in NyaungShwe we will meet our local guide and he will take us for an afternoon ride up in the mountains to meet the local Pa-O villagers before we return to our hotel.

Day 4: Inle to Kalaw
A trip to Inle lake wouldn’t be complete without a tour on the lake so we will start the day with a boat tour of the lake's attractions. We will then take a back road through more remote villages to the hill station of Kalaw. We will stay in a quaint hotel in heavily wooded area.

Day 5: Kalaw to Mount Popa
After Breakfast at our hotel we begin our day of all sealed roads to Mount Popa. We will quickly descend down winding roads until we are back to the lowlands of middle Myanmar. We will pass through the arid rolling hills and plains to get to Mt Popa in time to enjoy sunset from either our hotel or the volcanic mountain itself.
Day 6: Bagan Tour
We will have a very short ride from Mt Popa to Bagan to meet our local guide.  We can either travel by motorcycle, van or horsecart depending on your preference. He will escort us around the multitude of ancient temples for the day until we retire to our hotel for the rest of the evening.
Day 7: Bagan to Mandalay
Our last day of riding will be on mostly sealed roads with a few river (dry and wet) crossings before we get back to Mandalay. We'll try and get back to make it to the longest teak bridge in the world at sunset. At night we'll have a final goodbye dinner at a local BBQ buffet restaurant.
Day 8: Mandalay to ?
We will meet you in the morning to help you make it to your train/bus/plane to get out of Mandalay or just say goodbye as you continue your travels on your own.

What's Included?
Airport pickup, dropoff
Hotels. Comparable to 2 star.
Food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Driving Permit
Motorcycle: XR 125L or CRF250L
Entrance Fees, Camera Fees

What Isn't Included?
Insurance. It is highly advisable that you arrange travelers insurance before coming to Myanmar
Hotel Room Service Fees or Phone Charges
Damage to bikes from accidents

Where the hell can I drive in Myanmar anyway?

My most frequently asked question:
Where can I drive a motorcycle in Myanmar?


It depends

It depends on if you want to get a permit, if there is any unrest or poor road conditions, and where you want to rent your bike from. If you rent a bike from me you can travel to many places in Myanmar without a permit. You can travel to much of Northern Shan State, Parts of Chin State, Southern Sagaing Division, Mandalay division, Ayeyarwaddy division , as far south as Thanbyuzayat, and Loikaw.
If you want to drive to Bagan, Inle lake, Aungban, Kalaw, Naypyitaw and Taunggyi then you need a driving permit which I can arrange (I am currently the only company offering this service).
If you want to drive to Kentung then you have to cross the border from Thailand and drive in where you will only be allowed between Kentung and Thailand on a single road. If you rent a bike in Myitkyina then you should be able to drive all the way to Puta-O  without trouble (May 2013). Driving in Bhamo and Katha should also be possible if you rent inside the city and don't take the bikes out of those areas.
Some areas like Mrauk-U in Rakhine State and Namhsan in Shan State become opened and closed  periodically due to unrest while Ngapali, Hpa-An and Mt Victoria, which are otherwise open, can become closed due to road conditions in the rainy season.
There are a whole slew of places where you won't be allowed in otherwise, "unrestricted" areas too. Places like military bases, hydroelectric dams, upscale neighborhoods, pipeline installations and any other important area the government doesn't want you snooping around. When you reach an area like this you will usually be greeted by a polite, nonthreatening authority figure and told told leave. It is really as simple as that.
In Yangon, your screwed as a motorcycle rider, it is forbidden to ride a motorcycle for foreigners or locals.
If you would like to arrange a Myanmar Driving Permit, which will allow you to drive in Naypyitaw, Bagan and the Inle Lake area please send me the following information:
Copy of your passport
Copy of your local Driver's License (front and back)
Day to day itinerary for your trip while on the motorcycle
ID Photo with blue background. You must also be wearing a collared shirt

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Honda CRF250L

Newest bikes in the Mandalay Motorbike fleet. Please email for reservations.
60,000 Kyat per day
Minimum 4 day rental

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Honda XR 125L

Honda XR 125L

The dependable, comfortable and easy to ride Honda XR 125L is the perfect bike for all Myanmar. These bikes have a huge 12 liter fuel tank that gives them a 300km range for when you really want to get out in the sticks.
We have a total of 6 XR125Ls.
40,000 Kyat per day
Minimum 4 day rental

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pyin Oo Lwin 2-day, 1-night Guided Motorcycle Tour

We are happy to offer our first official guided tour. We are starting simple with a 2-day, 1-night tour of Pyin Oo Lwin and surroundings from Mandalay.
Happy customer on road to Pyin Oo Lwin
We will ride up to Pyin Oo Lwin from Mandalay on our trusty Jialing 150cc motorcycles on day 1 and be back in Mandalay by the evening the next day. On the ride up we will pass a woman’s labor camp, stop to view the Mandalay from the Shan plateau, visit the newly built yet desolate Cyber City, hike down to Anisakan Falls (or just take a picture from the top) and ride through some gravel pits and coffee fields before we reach Pyin Oo Lwin. Pyin Oo Lwin is the old hill station, summer retreat, from colonial days. 
Anisakan Falls
At over 3000ft the weather is quite cool and the air is fresh. We will have an evening walk in the famous Kandawgyi Gardens before going out to dinner at a lakeside restaurant. Hotel will be comparable to a 2 star or above.
Kandawgyi Gardens
Day 2 will start early with a trip out of town to see another set of waterfalls and a local Buddhist temple perched high on a hill for great views. Then we'll go back to tour around Pyin Oo Lwin's local markets and look at some of the sights in town before lunch. After lunch we'll take the back way to Mandalay on some incomplete roads that zigzag down the Shan hills with some seriously gorgeous views of the terrain. 
Back "road" to Mandalay
These roads are so bad that it might as well be considered off roading. This area is not at all developed so well pass some small rural villages and also have a chance to see some exotic birds too. When we hit the bottom of the plateau we will visit a cave and waterfall then get back on the Mandalay-Lashio Road. I should have you back to Mandalay for dinner.

Price: $250 per person
2 person minimum
Prices based on double occupancy
Hotel will be comparable to a 2 star. If booking Nov-Jan. We may have to use a hotel not more than 6 miles outside town.

What's Included?
Hotel ( 1 night in Pyin Oo Lwin)
Food (2 lunches,2 dinners any roadside snacks/drinks)
Entrance fees /Camera Fees

Not Included
Hotel room service or phone charges

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mandalay Map

View Mandalay in a larger map

I get a lot of questions about where to go and what to do in Mandalay so I decided to make a nice little Google map and post it on here.  I try to have a decent tourist map of Mandalay but be more geared toward people on a motorbike. I list gas stations, off-limits bridges, and parking locations for someone who is driving on a motorcycle and I also put some general touristy stuff like Mandalay's shopping spots, money changers, restaurants and entertainment. My location is also on here to help you better find Mandalay Motorbike.